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Radiator Repair | Service

Most vehicle owners may not know that a failure in a vehicle’s cooling system is the #1 cause of an engine breakdown. If the engine of your car or truck is showing signs of overheating, don’t delay in getting a necessary radiator repair or radiator flush to prevent a more costly service that may include completely replacing the radiator.A little radiator service now can help prevent a more costly engine problem in the near future. Watch for these warning signs:
    • Engine belts and hoses show signs of wear, cracking or tears.
    • Temperature gauge on dashboard reads “hot”.
    • A burnt smell when the engine is running.
    • Leaking of dark, non-transparent fluid.
    • Steam coming out from under the hood.
    • Incorrect ratio of anti-freeze to water.
      (check your owner’s manual for the recommended level).

      What does a Radiator Service include?

A typical radiator service at Sunset Auto will include:
    • Radiator flush, as needed.
    • Pressure and leaking tests performed.
    • Anti-freeze added to the proper level.
    • Lubricant added to the radiator system as needed.
    • Engine components (including radiator cap and hoses) inspected and replaced as needed.
Call us today for a specialized radiator repair. Our ASE certified technicians will perform a professional multi-point inspection of your engine and can provide you with a complete analysis, together with an estimated cost to either replace your radiator, if necessary, or a small radiator repair.

Radiator Repair | Service